Thursday, April 11, 2013

Who is Getting In?

They were outside the house of the thin, short policeman with the evil eyes, whom we know already and whom George White denounced as a worshipper of Tash, a renegade Telmarine from the Pirate Island where the Telmarines had gone centuries before.

"Someone has to keep watch outside", said Julian. "And try to contact the police if you do not get out in time - with or without him."

"I want to get in," said Georgina impulsively.

"No way," said George.

"Neither are you then."

"But that man ruined years and years of my life! He destroyed my morals after taking me out of the camp. Systematically. He made life outside the camp in some respects even worse than camp itself!"

"Precisely why you should keep out of here. He had a hold on you."

Simon broke in: "but not on me. I am in to avenge for the horrors he did to my son. And made him do."

"Father, I know the house best."

"That is the worst of reasons with magicians like that. You drew a very good set of maps."

"And we studied them," said Julian.

"OK, I'll keep out then."

"That," resumes Julian, "means I am in with old Mr. White, the two Georges are out ..."

"I am in," said Dick.

"Ann is hopefully already at the radio at Spivvins old place. We'll test." Julian picked up his handie talkie from his rucksack and pushed a five, then pushed the talking button. "Julian calling Ann. Julian calling Ann. Do you hear me?" - He left off pushing to receive.

A voice from the "walkie talkie" (as they are now called, but back then these were bigger) was heard: "I hear you fine, brother! I mean Ann calling Julian and all that and hearing you fine."

"We are getting in now, me Simon and Dick. The two Georges are waiting outside."

"Got it: Julian, Dick, Simon, into the house. Georgina and George outside."

All were missing Tim, of course. But he would not be barking at the wrong moment. Or chasing a rabbit.

"That is right. We're off - over."

"Noted, 23:53 three into house - over."

Julian put his HT into the rucksack and the three men throw ropes over the fence, pull them down through the other side and each leads five men climbing over.