Saturday, April 6, 2013

Preparing the Defense

"We cannot just let them take your children!"

"What can we do about it?"

"You could run away. But I haven't seen the gipsies lately who took care of Rose Pole. Not even sure if she did get away. And without their help it may be difficult."

"So, what else?"

"If they were chasing someone else, while you were on the run. If I were on the run too, and a greater priority."

"Why should they chase you?"

"Oh, they have chased me before. After I shot at policemen with arrows."

Sarah opened her eyes as widely as they get with the narrow slits of Esquimeaux eyes. "Was that you?"

"It was. But my archery was bad, at least insufficient for the occasion. I was soon taken and my friend George had to drive away with and get caught without the young mother. I am still not sure if they made it."

"I have not heard that Rose Pole was ever seen any more in that area - or anyone like her. She may have changed her name."

"As if she were married, for instance ... or at least got a refuge with the gypsies!" Susan smiled for the first time in this conversation. "Know what - George is not around, tomorrow you will have to take the policemen's car, and in order to do so you will have to do some shooting. You know archery, Tom?"

"I do, and I have a good bow."

"One moment, dear: if we shoot, we may get shot."

"A risk we will have to take. Cholmondely Major is hardly the person we can trust to do anything according to the better laws that are most respectful of families."

"Not what I meant," said Sarah. "We can get shot and wounded very badly, and we can get shot and wounded not so badly."


"When family were shooting moose, the ones that had the belly full of food were the most easily killed, and died in the worst agaonies, if we happened to shoot them there. We tried not to, of course."

"So you mean we should fast?"

"Not quite. We eat a good meal now, go to the toilet early tomorrow, and only drink holly tea until the police come. That way, with empty stomachs, we cannot be wounded so badly. - If hit in the stomach of course."

"Will be a good idea. So, what shall we eat?"

"Fried dried moose meat with cream sauce and potatoes. A solid Canadian meal will do us good."

And they had a cheerful evening, planning how to do the defense for the next day. Then they went to bed, after a Rosary all prayed in common. All fifteen mysteries.