Thursday, January 13, 2011

Susana Maiolo and Sarah Silverman about the Pope

My comments from a FB status about idiocy of Sarah Silverman's proposal:

Susana Maiolo floored the Pope (if such he be) and Cardinal Etchegaray. It seems she got an interview with the Pope after that. And thank God, she did not do so again.

IF she wanted to tell HH "flooring like this is what psychiatry does to perfectly sane people" she could have some sympathy if priests had resolutely refused to listen to that and poopooed her with "we know you are having a hard time, but these guys are there to help you".

IF however she only wanted to forward Sarah Silverman's message, well that was first off a damn stupid thing to want and second a damn stupid way to do it.

Though, of course, Sarah Silverman, if she has her way, would cause very many more sacrileges than just that one or - she had tried a year before - those two. Whether she knows it or not.

AND by making sure she got an interview with the Pope, she - Susana Maiolo that is - also gave him the chance to answer in person and maybe even listened. Which is more than one can say about Sarah Silverman. Whether their message was the same or not.