Thursday, January 13, 2011

Susana Maiolo and Sarah Silverman about the Pope

My comments from a FB status about idiocy of Sarah Silverman's proposal:

Susana Maiolo floored the Pope (if such he be) and Cardinal Etchegaray. It seems she got an interview with the Pope after that. And thank God, she did not do so again.

IF she wanted to tell HH "flooring like this is what psychiatry does to perfectly sane people" she could have some sympathy if priests had resolutely refused to listen to that and poopooed her with "we know you are having a hard time, but these guys are there to help you".

IF however she only wanted to forward Sarah Silverman's message, well that was first off a damn stupid thing to want and second a damn stupid way to do it.

Though, of course, Sarah Silverman, if she has her way, would cause very many more sacrileges than just that one or - she had tried a year before - those two. Whether she knows it or not.

AND by making sure she got an interview with the Pope, she - Susana Maiolo that is - also gave him the chance to answer in person and maybe even listened. Which is more than one can say about Sarah Silverman. Whether their message was the same or not.


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

The comments thread from which this is taken:

Richard Aleman: I find it odd when I am told that beautiful churches are an affront to the poor- when they were built by the poor in the first place.

(sounds like a quote from Chesterton btw)

JS: The people who say that never ask the poor for their opinion.

JTh: Oh boy. If you want to see me really go on a spit-flecked rant, just bring up this topic, and say that the Vatican ought to sell St. Peter's to feed the poor. Then you'll see my dark side, trust me.

BI: Very good point Richard. It's yet another stick to beat the Church with. People will ask, how we explain the wealth of artistic treasures of the Vatican ...

Chr W: People who care for others give them beautiful surroundings. Do these same critics think the beautiful works of God are an affront to the poor?

[If they are anything as bad as Albigensians they just might think that.]

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Chr Y: I want to hear [JTh's] rant! LOL!

KW: I always wonder what these people think is the solution. Sell the churches, so they can pray in a warehouse? Give the money to the poor? They will need it to pay the admission price when their church, built for them to pray freely in, becomes a museum for yuppy twits. Maybe they can pay $20 to rent a trash quality cassette tape that will play a recording of the mass for them while they are there?

HC: I love it how these people make it sound as if selling off the Vatican would solve world poverty

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

AD: I guess the idea is for the Church to sell everything and then not exist, except in people's garages.

NMF: The poor need bread; but not bread alone. They need beauty as well. A man is something more than just a stomach, and there is a spirit to be satisfied as well.

J Th: It's the Judas Iscariot complaint. "Why was this ointment not sold for 200 days' wages and the money given to the poor?" Beautiful churches, decorations, vessels, stained glass, sculpture, music, all of it is like the precious ointment poured out on the head of Jesus Christ. It is valuable and necessary because of the Person it is done for.

Asshole jerks like Sarah Silverman who talk out of their asses about the mean old Church ought to sell some art treasures to feed the poor can KISS MY CATHOLIC ASS. Of course, those who don't believe in Christ are not going to accept all this splendor dedicated to him. OKAY, you wanted the rant. Let's say tomorrow, we have a scene just like that hugely disappointing scene at the very end of "The Shoes of the Fisherman," and the Pope announces that the Church is going to sell, say, St. Peter's and the contents of the Vatican Museum. What price could she put on them? They are without peer; they are literally priceless. And even if she priced them at, say, 500 billion dollars, who's gonna buy them? Some rich guy or guys? THEN WHAT? Then you will see these magnificent places, part of the shared patrimony of human civilization, translated from the property of mankind to the private property of some rich assholes who don't even believe in God. Then you will see the greatest church in Christendom changed from a sacred place wherein even the meanest beggar can seek comfort, to a museum where that beggar won't be able to dream of gaining admission. An incomparable loss to the human race. And the money realized from the sale will feed humanity for a week, then it will be gone. USE YOUR HEAD.
@[NMF]: And of course, one of the best-known songs from the US labor movement is "Bread & Roses," about exactly this truth. Old-time lefties and folkies all know that song.

After that, I wrote the comments that make up the blog message, after that I posted it and let them decide whether they wanted their likeable comments here too. J Th gave an express "be my guest".

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

BI: Opus Dei, adorn the inside of the tabernacle , sometimes with precious stones, all for Him.

I am a convert. When I went to a Protestant church I did not realise , how stark, and unadorned. Now I just find them cold, as compared to ours.

And it's not just that they have little decoration. They are empty, sad to say.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

After which I added:

I am a convert too, I agree.

Btw, have another look at my link, hope all of you like my putting your comments there.

Richard Aleman, I named you because as a blogger and known distributist you are a known person already. Others have initials before their comments.