Monday, January 2, 2012

Letter to Douglas Gresham

As we all know, your stepfather wrote the Chronicles of Narnia. As some of us know - those who have read Letters to Children - he encouraged writing the stories he hinted at but never wrote himself. That is in a sense basically what I am doing. Or have been doing now for fourteen chapters, at least.

If you or Walter Hooper have a problem with how I treat the characters, I suggest you might sue Neil Gaiman first ("The Problem of Susan", 2004).

My Susan is C. S. Lewis' Susan, or aims at being her. My Aslan is Jesus Christ as I think that he would appear if he had created another world where he appears as "The Lion of Judah" - that world where the main and paradisal country is called Narnia.

And my hunch about why he brought at least the Pevensies there was: Pope St Pius X wanted children to learn to know Him in the Eucharist from age seven, but the Pevensies as Anglicans were deprived of that. Aslan made sure the years between seven or eight for at least Lucy and when she would make her Communion (if at all valid, since Anglican Sacraments partly lack intention - not to be confounded with worthiness - and duly ordained Minister with real Apostolic Succession) were not wasted.

If you should get a problem about the money, well there is this that my conditions for using my work*, from my standpoint are already stated in such a way as to allow you to earn money from my work in proportion as you see fit for your fair share, when it comes to this, or, also any other work you like in any other way - only, you do not have exclusive rights on my work.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Georges Pompidou
Saint Basil's Day, or
January 2, YooL 2012

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PS: I tried to localise you. I might have to get this through someone else to you. If I can even do that.

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