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Chronicle of Susan Pevensie

Based on Susan Pevensie and other characters from the Seven Chronicles of Narnia, and on characters from Enid Blyton, G. K Chesterton, Sir A. Conan Doyle and some of my own, not to mention hitherto unknown episodes in the lives of some historic people, including C. S. Lewis who is generally held to have written the Seven Chronicles of Narnia.

I wish it to be clearly understood that I am not any more than C. S. Lewis claiming the Narnia stories really happened, I am rather treating them, like he, like Dante treated a fictitious journey during his lifetime through the abodes of souls - Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. As an occasion while story telling, to teach truth about some things, both higher and lower ones. Both such every Christian is bound to believe and beliefs the author cherishes (like psychiatry being bosh, like Experiment House being bosh, like that Emperor being in Heaven and that Pope not).

Oh, one more thing. A certain Audoin Errol is getting into more and more of my chapters, so it is high time I admit my debt to an unfinished novel by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, called The Lost Road, and the extant chapters of that one are to be found in a volume of the same name published by his son Christopher.

Least I forget later, overmore, I often rely on wikipedia. It allowed me to verify the gardener and factotum at the Kilns - the one that is the original for Puddleglum - was named Paxford and neither Baxter nor Paxton. It allowed me to verify which year Joy Davidman entered CSL's life. And earlier it helped me to discover what date was what weekday in which of the years.

In order to read the chapters in the right order, click first one, then read it from top to bottom. Then, once you are down, click the link to the next chapter in the comments, as far as you like and as far as the continuity reaches. Then, click "back to list of extant chapters" - i e back here. Whenever you feel like it resume reading from first unread chapter there. Chapters are being inserted between those not yet linked.

Letter to Douglas Gresham
Can Any Sane Man Attack C. S. Lewis?
To Reader of my Susan Pevensie Chronicle (or my Essays) on How to Read my Linked Messages/Chapters
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Prologue to Chronicle on Susan Pevensie : Chiefly on Fan Fiction

Extant chapters:

Susan has a bad fright.
Who told Susan: introducing Revd. Jinx
Splendour Hyaline - again
Off to Sevenoaks.
The Car Ride to Sevenoaks was a Flashback
What about the train to Bristol?
Another Kind of Necklace of Beads
Four Bad Men Discussing Susan
And There Were Other Mourners
Recognising Spivvins
Small Talk in an Evil Lodge
Spivvins' the Cab Driver's Resurrection (nearly)
Nathan Coon and Spivvins
How Susan met Rose E. Pole
Getting On with the Burial
Reverend Pewsey's Last Sermon
Explanations of a Practical Nature
A Letter from Remorseful Father of a Son Gone Bad
Forgiveness Is Serious Stuff
Two Words with the Gardener
The Planting of a Tree
St John's Feast in Narnia
Helpers of the Holy Souls
Taking up residence.
Good Old George (and don't you ever call her Georgina!)
Susan reads her story again
Not Nice, Once you Get to Know him - the Principal, that is
[An Author's Aside]
Susan reads Lucy's essay on Astronomy
Ramandu and Galileo, part 1
Ramandu and Galileo, part 2

And Su Called George About It ...
... Who Would Not Eliminate the Possibility Prematurely
Susan's Teacher Talk
"What are you going to do about it?"
Some Arrows and Some Bullets Whistle Keenly
An Interview with the Shrink
Decisio Medici
A View on Apple Trees
And How was Mental Hospital?
Macready and Tea
Susan Gets an Inkling About the Inklings
And Friedman looked for Su in the wrong office ...
Jack and Tollers discuss pipeweed
Escape from Merton College
A Car Ride With Roy Campbell
Susan Goes Short Haired for a While
Spivvins Needs a Lesson - they said
Meanwhile, What about Rose?
Rose meets Bobby
George, Meet George!
Forgiveness Has Its Sides
A Centaur and Some Egyptologists
The Unhappy Jew
Where Aslan was a Lion Cub.
A Glass of Cremisan with the Priest
Sorcery Worketh Not
Speaking to Dr Watson
Father Brown's Last Bow, part 1
Father Brown's Last Bow, Part 2
Spivvins' Other Secret
Spivvins is unhappy
Preparing the Defense
In Defense of the Spivvinses
The Archers Do Their Work.
Who is Getting In?
Nobby's Daring
Ann's Wake
The Idol and the Spell
The Exorcism.
Simon and George Catechumens
Tea yes, Tilak no
Susan is Free, So are the Policemen
Mr Errol Proposes
In a Fairy Mound?
So What are Fairies?
More Theories of Fairies
Talking of Elveness were Audoin and Su
A Talk about Tolkien
Barrister Popplewell's pleading for Susan Pevensie
Wedding in Cornwall
A Visit from The Kilns
Susan's dreams become a book
Some Final Words to the Readers Here

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