Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Taking up residence.

In January 1950, she was going to start her work as gym teacher in Cherwell school - no, not the one established in 1963, this one was another thing, even if the name is similar. However, it was also in the Headington area.

It was a way from the Kilns, so she was more looking for a place closer to it than staying in the Kilns.

Also, praying for the dead as a Catholic, while Jack and Warnie were not unfriendly, they were also not into it (especially Warnie).

She had money left and borrowed some (interest free) from Jack, so she could buy a semidetached. Indeed, since part of the money was from Mr. White, she made an extra effort to forgive ... Simon's son.

She did not know his name even. Not his "Christian name" if you can say that of someone who wasn't christened ... still "God bless him, give him light to repent and not too heavy a penance."

Well, one day she held the key, walked from the car and to the house on Walton Street, and and stepped in. She put down a mat and a sleeping bag, and then fork, knife, table spoon, tea spoon, tea cup, deep plate, flat plate, frying pan, kettle, tea pot, and then napkin and towel and tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo.

AND she hung up a crucifix on the wall.

Now she was going to be fine until the other stuff arrived.

And within a week, it had arrived. Most of it was practical, and it was not much except for books (what is more practical than books?) and training equipment, bow and arrows, rubber band for musculation, and some stuff which had belonged to Lucy.

She opened the box and found a red whig which she had used on a theatrical once, and under it a few notebooks, both by Lucy and by ... old Digory Kirke.

She did not start reading, she started crying as she saw the whig, and promptly prayed a "requiescat in pace" for Lucy "if she needs it" - a qualification derived from her respect for Lucy's possible sainthood. Next morning, she was teaching push ups and getting up in two rings in ropes and things like that, and after a fairly long pass, she went to take tea with the other staff and in the corridor crossed ... Rose.

The cousin of Jill, whom she had met on the burial. They said hello and next lesson Rose was in her class.

The year was going to be interesting.