Monday, August 13, 2012

Review of a Book I've Not Yet Read

To Owen the Grandson of Owen
Who I hope will be reading this Poem
The Novella your Grandfather wrote*
Was it really no recenter note
And not by yourself but your mentor?
For it seems to be made ex eventu
Like when Virgil wrote Eneid Six
On how Rome and the Punes came to kicks.
But again ... it was read by some Polak
Who thereafter could make the "Seks Misja"?
And the recently unburrowed Muslims
Of Russia have children like that.
For security living as Gollums
But in daylight as blind as a bat.
To the rest who don't know what I'm saying
It is hardly a matter of praying
For deeper and deeper profundity
That would really be quite a redundity.
It's a book Owen Barfield has written
By his grandson in copies now smitten
But still I would leave this a riddle
If I were to leave out here its title
Which is cleped Night Operation
Would you make a Russian translation?

* Referenced in Malcolm Guite on Owen Barfield (nearly at the end of the video)

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