Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Visit from The Kilns

But before they got to read the notebook, they had a visit. That is, first they went to Mass, then they went home, then drinking tea they sat down to open the notebook of Lucy. And then the doorbell rang. Audoin opened and yelled "Su, it's from the Kilns" so she went up and greeted her visitor. Audoin went in and left them a few moments.

Paxford came along with cider - five bottles of it, homemade from the Kilns.

"Jack and Warren are sorry they cannot come, they are helping an American lady, who is involved in a divorce affair."

"Oh, how awful for her. Is she keeping her children at least?"

"They are over here in England. They are bright and curious. David is ten and Douglas is eight going on nine in a couple of months."

"Well, if a parent keeps her children, she's the lucky parent, I reckon."

"So do I. And it seems she deserves it."

"Getting along with Jack?"

"Getting along may be a soft word. But as you know very well, Jack has a winning way."

"So have you."

Frank Paxford afforded her an apologetic smile. "But Mr Errol more so, I should think."

Of course Audoin came out again to tell Paxford there was more toast in the fireplace and another place for tea. Which Paxford stayed for before getting back.