Monday, July 23, 2012

A Letter from Remorseful Father of a Son Gone Bad

At All Hallows, Susan received a letter. It was from one Simon White "Esq." Her father who read Chesterton said these letters meant absolutely nothing, therein differing from squire which was a title lesser than knight and meant serving a knight with things like cleaning his arms or saddling his horse. Of course that is in United Kingdom, in US it is a kind of lawyer - he had added. She missed him. She missed Peter and Edmund. And of course she missed Lucy.

Most Honourable Miss Pevensie!

First of all, I would like to offer, somewhat late, my condoleances for your deceased family. I know many men and women who have lost theirs recently. Some have bourne it with courage like you ["hullo," thought Susan, "what does he know about that?"], others not.

But a greater grief to me than learning of yours was learning of the bad behaviour, indeed criminal folly of my son towards you.

He has been raised among some rude young men, who, when alone with a girl who knew they would be alone together, would think of that as an invitation to take advantage of her. ["Oh, that guy!" thought Susan.]

My son's head had a bump for a week, he told a lie about it, I just recently found out that that lie was a lie, so he had to tell me the real story.

Believe me, he told it with shame and remorse ["before his father he would have been an idiot not to"] and promised me never ever again to attempt such a thing towards you. I ask you, if at all possible, to forgive him.

Whether you do so or not, after what he tried to do to you, what I have to offer seems the very least I can do. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you should want some other service. I would be glad to wash away part of my son's guilt, and he promised he would do the same if ever you meet again.

The key is to a car which can be got at ... Car Service. The sum on the check is not so great ["we'll see about that" said Susan, as she viewed the five thousand pounds she said: "it's a small fortune"] but for the moment it was all I could do.

Do not hesitate to contact me later, should you need anything or want anything. Within reasonable limits of course.

Yours respectfully,
Simon White Esq.

She replied with some simplicity that Mr White really had not done much, and that she was for letting bygones be bygones. She thanked for the car and for the sum, which she considered handsome.