Friday, July 23, 2010

On Rail Putters and Preacher Men

There are reasons to rale · for a rail putter:
the hard weather · harsh hours of work;
the bad wages · that await him therefore;
the absent kin · for which whores soothe him
- or to pray and hear · preachers lauding
the Lord's love for us · the lasting bliss.

There are reasons to pray · for preaching men:
the hard hearted · harming others;
the unfaithful · eating and drinking
who hope to hold · happiness carnal,
who heavenly hopes · hold no longer;
the best gone bad · and bitter of heart:
or reasons to rale · as a rail putter.

But a rail putter · who rales no more,
getting back to kin · bettering his mood,
getting back to God · bettering his ways
is a joy for the heart · of heaven's fishermen.
These are reasons to pray · not to rale, preacher!

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