Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The pilgrim's padreen*

(The family that prays together stays together)

Now, Jack takes up his mobile phone,
He's calling his love Jill,
He's walking to St Jacques alone
Although he loves her still;
And all this separation,
It is quite against his will:
From ruddy eyes, the tears that fall
His sorrowings distill:

Refr 1,2,3:
Are you lonesome tonight?
Why did you walk away?
I'm weeping like a child,
Cause I wanted you to stay:
And on the great camino
Alone I walk my way:
Why didn't you love me so?
Why didn't just we pray?

His call is only reaching
An answering machine
He stammers half his message
And prays a sad padreen:
Because it is a Friday.
His Jill is going e'en
Unto the kindergarden
To fetch their own Jolene

"Oh, mummy, who's the funny man
who made the answered call?
How did he know my name and yours
and how the phone to call?
I think he kind of liked you,
Though I didn't get it all:
He was crying like a littl'one
Though the voice was of a tall!"

It pressed her heart to hear her child
Her father not to know
And all the pious tenderness
Unknowing she did show:
And all the hate that had gone wild
That eve so long ago
Was melting like a piece of ice
July, Santiago:

Refr 4:
Yeah I'm lonesome tonight!
Why did I walk away?
I've hurt my only child
When you wanted us to stay!
Though on the great camino
Alone you walk your way,
We'll be in Santiago,
We'll meet, and kiss, and pray!