Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Boy Who Made Stars

There was a boy, who coud shape a bird of clay and give it life, just by telling it to fly. He made the stars. There was a man who was jealous, and wanted to own the stars. The boy told him he couldn't have them for his own. Yet, the man proceeded to steal the stars and put them in a sack. It was dark. The boy went down from the sky and told him to give the stars back. Instead the man put the boy in the sack too. But the boy went out of the sack and took the stars with him and put them up in the sky again. And as the man was surprised, and a bit thankful because it was light again, the boy told him, he could come and live among the stars, if he did what the boy told him too. Then the boy went up.

If you don't know the name of this boy, ask someone who is celebrating Christmas. Btw, this is just a very short and confused version of what really happened./HGL

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