Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A good night

Where will I go to sleep when I'm leaving Library's shelter?
When will I go to sleep after leaving computers and books?
How long stay undisturb'd after shutting wearily my eyes?
God knows what will happen, the Devil too can plan surprises
I don't know what will be or will not be, wearily I sigh
And hope God gives the best and spares the worst until sun rises.

He did, what did I think? In Torcy town I lay down to sleep
And some boys pas't along, two came to me, immigrant blackness
The first gave a coke and, secretiv'ly, added ten euro
The second fifty cents, then they left me, cherry coke drinking
And though tired I was, this very morn, with gratitude deep,
With deeper drowsiness, I broke the fast, clothes are a-washing!

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