Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is this a travel blog? (Silny pront w Rhodanie)

Not really, but it includes poetry from my travels. Like this:

Tylko z drugimi
Is the rule that mother taught me,
Tylko z wesolich okacymi
When it comes to drinking wine.
This is not a drinking song
For I hope to get a long
Dry and sober where there are no friends of mine!

Is the Zuzana in Lübeck now, or in Poland?

Anyway, I have some other posts about this voyage too.

Austrian flag means: "Thou shalt not pass"
Zoup Zuzana and Zuzana zalad

PS: for ice cream, in order to correct quantities:

3 eggs
1,5 dl cassonade
3 dl milk
1,5 dl cream
1,5 msk wheat flour
taste, like: cacao (2 tablespoons) coffie (half a small cup) tea (same quantity as coffie, maybe with lemon)

1 Whip the cream
2 Whip eggs and sugar, add flour
3 Warm the milk, when it is starting to seethe, add onto mixture while stirring
4 Put mixture back on stove, stir until it thickens
5 Add taste, put into a form, add whipped cream, but turning, not stirring
6 Freeze, take out after two hours, turn through with a fork, freeze again two hours, turn again, freeze again over night.


Hans Georg Lundahl said... gives the life of Ste Justine in French.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Oops, I left the Swedish abbreviation "msk" ... it means tablespoon.